Our Law Firm provides legal services mainly within the following specialisations, however if you have questions about other areas of law, please contact us and we will gladly consider whether we are able to help.
The purchase of an apartment, building plot or house is a very important decision in all of out lives. This decision is also associated with making large financial commitments, hence before making the decision we want to be sure that our funds will be well invested.

Therefor, we accompany our Clients at the stage of purchase of their dream home, by reviewing reservation contracts, preliminary sales agreements, development contracts, and property transfer agreements.
We also deal with Clients struggling with problems within the scope of family law. These Clients often have questions regarding divorce, alimony, settlement of contacts, meeting family needs.

We explain to our Clients how divorce cases are proceeded, what questions of the court or the other party they should take into account, how long the case may take, what the amount of ruled alimony depends on, what happens when spouses cannot agree on the care of underage children.
We often meet with Clients who are dealing with inheritance matters. We provide legal assistance in answering numerous questions, such as: who inherits from the deceased testator, what happens when the testator has left a will, whether the Client is entitled to a reserved share, what the Client should do not to inherit debts.

We also represent our Clients before courts, in cases such as: for the confirmation of inheritance acquisition or for the division of inheritance.
In our everyday work, we also encounter Clients with problems regarding refusal decisions of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

They are often lost and do not understand the complicated legal provisions cited in the decision and wonder, if they have any chance of obtaining a court ruling amending the ZUS decision. After careful analysis often find, that we are able to help.

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