Audit and implementation of IP package

For many of our clients, intellectual property, trade secrets and know-how often constitute the core of their business. If you want to protect your IP we will conduct an audit for you, determine the legal status of your IP and the risks associated with its use, advise you on the most effective means of protection and draw up appropriate agreements. Depending on the scope of your business, we can also register your trademark in Poland, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and other countries!

Don’t forget to protect your company's intangible assets

Under specific IP related services:

we will introduce effective protection of know-how, business secrets and other confidential information in your company

we will prepare and help you negotiate agreements and Terms & Conditions in the field of IP - including implementation agreements, SLA agreements, license agreements

we will carry out analyses concerning protection of trademarks and register them in national, EU or international scopes

we will carry owe will monitor existing trademarks for infringements and registration oppositions

we will advise on the use of databases, including data made available on open source or creative commons licenses

we will prepare cease and desist orders and, if necessary, take legal action to enforce your rights.

we offer legal and business support in the implementation of IT projects with respect to licensing standards

we will identify potential threats and inaccuracies in the protection of intellectual property rights and suggest how to eliminate them

we will create systems of intellectual property management at the company or capital group level

we will implement the necessary IP procedures within your company, including the development of systems for IP management

provide legal support in the tax optimization of IP management models

assess the legal risk related to potential infringement of intellectual property rights of other entities

We can help!

By using our services, you will protect your company's assets and avoid potential disputes and lengthy and costly litigations.

Our audit can be crucial in making strategic decisions concerning your business. It can help you to choose the right strategy for managing intellectual property in your company, allowing for its long-term development.

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