Implementation of GDPR and compliance in your company

As an entrepreneur, you have a duty to implement solutions that prevent crimes from being committed in your company or guarantee processes that are compliant with regulations such as the well-known GDPR. According to the latest regulations your company is exposed to a fine of up to PLN 5,000,000 in case of certain legal breaches taking place within your company - even if your management did not know about the breach! The only way to avoid liability in case of such breaches is to implement appropriate compliance policies and procedures.

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We are GDPR and compliance experts with solid practical experience in these areas. Our specialists hold top positions in personal data protection in corporations operating on the Polish market. We will help you implement mandatory procedures that will protect you from potential penalties and lawsuits by ensuring your company's compliance with current regulations. By fulfilling all the required formalities you will avoid serious consequences and your company will remain safe and reputable on the market.

Areas of compliance advisory


Compliance with GDPR concerns the protection of personal data that is collected and processed by your company. If your company processes employee or customer data, you must ensure that appropriate procedures are implemented to properly secure access to such data and to guarantee compliance with the rights under the GDPR. With our help you will implement optimal solutions for data processing and storage to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.


If your company operates in the financial or accounting sector, it must have an AML (Anti-Money Laundering) system in place. It is important that your policies and procedures are tailored to the specifics of your business so that in the event of an incident you can demonstrate that you did everything possible to prevent its occurrence - only then can you avoid the serious consequences of AML legislation.

Employee trainings

In order to avoid liability in the event of employee misconduct, it is important that you can demonstrate that you have made employees aware of their compliance obligations and how to meet them. As part of our compliance services, we will organize employee training on compliance and the consequences of non-compliance. We will make your employees aware of the legal sanctions that may be associated with their decisions and advise them on how to prevent mistakes that could lead to such sanctions.


We will help you develop and standardize incident reporting procedures in your company. This will allow whistleblowers to safely report information if they discover circumstances that expose your company to liability. This is an invaluable solution in the fight against corruption, fraud, embezzlement and other crimes and abuses. By protecting the identity of a whistleblower, you will build a reputation as a trusted and honest business that cares about its employees and acts in accordance with the law.

Eliminate violations
and protect your company
against fines

As part of compliance consulting services:

we will show you what your compliance obligations are

we will introduce the necessary documents and registers in your company

we will formalise appropriate organisational procedures

we will conduct trainings for employees

we will implement solutions aimed at ensuring compliance with personal data protection requirements

we will introduce solutions minimising the company's liability in case of breaches

The implementation of internal compliance systems start with an audit. After conducting a compliance audit, we will identify processes and areas that negatively affect your company and require special attention. Using this knowledge, we will introduce necessary changes, which will ensure your company's compliance with the law. We will then develop appropriate mechanisms that will allow you to minimize liability for potential violations within your company. The result? You will be confident that your company is conducting business honestly, legally, and that you have nothing to hold yourself accountable for.

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