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We provide legal services to businesses with an established market position as well as those that are in their development and investment phases. Our clients are predominantly Polish and British companies operating within international capital groups. We also assist foreign entities in expanding their operations into the Polish market through company registration, set-up and further servicing.

Our Clients

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Over ten years of experience allows us to thoroughly understand the practical business side of the companies we service

We are ready to support our clients in all of their ongoing and planned activities, keeping their business objectives in mind first and foremost.

Most of our clients are businesses operating in the field of new technologies, such as:

— acquiring funds and state grants (PARP, NCBiR), international VC funds (such as Innovation Nest),
— crowdfunding platforms often operating in SaaS, license and other models
— with various legal forms and ownership and management structures

— software houses
— interactive agencies
— game dev. studios
— companies implementing global platforms such as HubSpot
— businesses creating off-the-shelf and dedicated solutions tailored to customer needs
— companies carrying out projects in the Agile model, using methodologies such as Scrum, DSDM, Crystal or eXtreme
— programming clients specialising in cloud solutions and DevOps
— businesses building products using programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP or Ruby


Over 300 happy clients and 34 perfect Google reviews


„When we started cooperation with DKLAW, our company had been operating on international markets for several years. However, it lacked adequate legal safeguards, consistently and comprehensively drawn up contracts with contractors and employees and was also missing mandatory internal regulations such as GDPR implementation. When we first began talks with the law firm it was clear to us, that the lawyers knew the specifics of our business well and had a thorough understanding of our business's structure and current situation. At present we are using permanent legal services at DKLAW, which enables us to develop our business in a harmonious way. We feel that our interests are safeguarded at every step and that we are in the right hands.”
Stanisław Bartczak, Head of Operations at 6minded


”We have been cooperating with the DKLAW for over two years. We are impressed with the professionalism and commitment shown by its lawyers. From the very beginning, we felt that the support they provided us with is tailored specifically to our needs. DKLAW has proven numerous times that it is prepared to advocate for the interests of our company and aim for the most favourable clauses in the contracts we sign. They are fluent in the English language, which allows them to participate seamlessly in contract negotiations between companies from different countries. Great responsiveness and excellent organisation of work make it very convenient for us to perform our daily activities. They keep track of the current labour law regulations and provide us with advice in case of any unclear regulations or provisions. To summarise, the professionalism, substantive preparation, and above all care for the client presented by the lawyers of DKLAW stand at the highest level." Marcus Honney, Director at AvatarUX


"The services provided by the law firm are characterized by reliability and professionalism and are delivered efficiently and in a timely manner. Other benefits of cooperation with the law firm include: excellent communication, clarity, legal knowledge, preparation, efficiency, accuracy, experience, care for the client. Very professional, systematic, reliable and prompt assistance from Mrs. Paulina and the whole team. Many thanks also to Klaudia and Kevin. I very much appreciate the thoroughness, friendly atmosphere, a sense of caring about the client and the work ethic of the firm's lawyers who aim to take care of every small detail. The firm's team helped us with many legal issues related to running the company, preparing various documents/contracts e.g. B2B agreements, Terms and Conditions for our website, all well as GDPR-related issues."
Artur Trzop, Director at Knapsack

Stream Sage

"Working with DKLAW has been a fantastic experience. The DKLAW team uses modern messaging (adapting to our needs) and modern cloud solutions for document workflow and analysis. They understand IT industry business dynamics and everything that is needed for your company regardless of size or stage (for us this includes startup and venture capital dynamics). We were also delighted that the team has many specialists, and the contact person assigned to our organization synchronizes everything on their side exceptionally. The DKLaw team quickly understood the broad context of our organization, and they analyze each document within that broad context on an ongoing basis. Long story short - they gave us peace of mind so that we could focus on our business."
Wilson Hunter, CEO Stream Sage

Karolina Szlęzak
Karolina Szlęzak5 miesięcy temu
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Pani Paulina i jej zespół pomogli nam przekształcić spółkę cywilna w spółkę z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością. Profesjonalnie doradzili, przygotowali dla nas umowę spółki, umówili wizytę u notariusza. Otrzymaliśmy rzetelne informacje i plan działania na każdą ewentualności. Serdecznie polecam ich usługi każdemu przedsiębiorcy.

Luai Al Kurdi
Luai Al Kurdirok temu
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Paulina and her team are extremely professional, friendly and easy to communicate with. From the first day they showed excitement to work with me on my case and were very proactive. They are also fluent in English. Totally recommended and I can understand why they have 5 star rating here.
Ben Esmael
Ben Esmael7 miesięcy temu
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When you talk to Paulina and team. You know you are in the right place. Highly recommended.

They are capable professionals, responsive and customer centric team.

Examples of cooperation with our Partners

When servicing our clients we cooperate, among others, with accounting offices, interactive agencies and investment advisors. This is what our Partners say about us:

Księgowość, UK

TBCAccounting, UK

"We are a firm of chartered accountants and business advisers with experience in the UK, Europe and international markets. For over 5 years we have been cooperating with the DKLAW law firm, recommending its services to our clients when they need professional legal support. The Law Firm efficiently supports our clients in the field of corporate services for British companies and contracts concluded by them. We have also used their support for the purposes of our own affairs, as they guarantee expert, reliable and timely service."

Agencja interaktywna, Polska

JustIdeaInteractive agency, Poland

"JustIdea is a 360° interactive agency specializing in building effective e-commerce systems and websites. For several years we refer our clients to the DK LAW Law Firm when there are legal aspects that need to be resolved. The law firm is always able to dispel doubts and create reliable documentation for any website or online store."
Mateusz Haber, CEO of JustIdea

Agencja marketingowa, Polska

MedializerMarketing agency, Poland

"Medializer is an e-commerce agency dealing with the creation of online stores, websites and with widely understood Internet marketing and shaping of positive image on the web. We established cooperation with the DKLAW Law Firm several years ago. During this time the Law Firm has helped nearly 50 of our clients by preparing appropriate regulations of their websites, implementing GDPR, registering trademarks, creating contracts or providing ongoing legal and business advice. Our clients value cooperation with the DKLAW Law Firm because they can always count on precise and tailored solutions that are ready to be used in practice."
Gabriel Besta, CEO of Medializer


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