Contracts with business partners and employees

In many cases, the fate of a project, investment or enterprise may depend on the content of a given agreement. Therefore, if you are planning an important project, it is worth contacting us first to draw up, analyze or negotiate the necessary clauses.

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Being a businessperson you most likely don't have enough time or qualifications to carefully prepare contracts that will provide adequate protection for your interests. Take advantage of our support - we offer the service of drafting and reviewing all types of agreements with which entrepreneurs have to deal at various stages of business development. Our competencies include:

service and license agreements

agreements concerning the sale of shares in a company

cooperation and B2B agreements

NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements)

agency agreements

distribution agreements

employment agreements

implementation agreements

real estate and construction contracts

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In addition to drafting and reviewing contracts, statutes, and other documents, we assist in negotiating specific clauses and advise on how to terminate or withdraw from a contract. We offer advice on general contract law and represent our clients in court proceedings in this area.

When using our services you can be sure that each contract drawn up or reviewed by us sufficiently and comprehensively protects and represents your interests.

We will help you avoid mistakes and potential misunderstandings with the other contractual party, as well as negative consequences associated with the "overinterpretation" of the contract. We will answer all your questions about the content of the given agreement and suggest areas for possible negotiation to ensure the safety of the transaction at hand.

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