Your enterprise has expanded and you are wondering what form of business best fits your current needs? Are you planning to reorganize your business and looking for support of specialists experienced in this process?

Consider taking advantage of our corporate conversion consulting services. We will help you dispel any doubts and explain the complexities of the conversion regulations. We will prepare a comprehensive conversion plan and then help you implement it with the most favorable outcome for your business.

Adapt your business
to the market realities
in which operates

Thanks to our help you will learn why converting the form of your business is necessary for the development of your enterprise. As part of our advisory services, we will explain to you what exactly will change in your business and provide you with support on all levels:

We will tailor our recommendations to the degree of economic risk, your business environment and current regulations and potential regulatory changes. We will prepare a draft resolution of the conversion matching the needs of your shareholders, as well as an individualized draft of the converted company articles.

our advice

We take full responsibility for coordinating the entire process, focusing on the individual needs of your business. As part of the conversion service:

we will present you the available forms of conducting business activity and help you choose the most advantageous one

we will identify legal and tax consequences of the process

we will conduct an audit and draw up the articles or statute of the converted company

if necessary, we will recommend a proven auditor, which will streamline the entire process

we will prepare and submit an application for entry of the conversion to the National Court Register

we will monitor the course of the registration proceedings on an ongoing basis


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