Contracts are the foundation of doing business. Often the fate of a project, investment or enterprise may depend on the content of a given contract. Therefore, if you are planning an important undertaking, it is worth contacting us first in order to draw up, analyze or negotiate the necessary terms of cooperation.

Sale of shares
and stocks

We will precisely formulate the representations and warranties of each party so that they can be sure of the legal and financial situation of the company whose shares or stocks are subject to the transaction. We will draw up a contract in accordance with the provisions of the company’s statute or articles of association and coordinate the process of submitting the sale to the National Court Register. We will act as your partner who will ensure the successful course of the entire transaction.


We will point out the most important terms related to the investment, such as the rate of investment return, repayment terms, or on collateral and securities. We will ensure that no doubts remain as to the investment period or important rights and obligations of the parties.

Agreements with
management board members

Also known as managerial contracts. Our support in the scope of such contracts consists in drafting agreements that take care of the interests of both parties in a balanced way. On the one hand, we will focus on clauses such as confidentiality, non-competition or property entrustment - on the other, we will take care of the terms and conditions of remuneration, bonuses and responsibilities. In short, we will create the foundation for long-term cooperation on terms most favorable to both parties.

Shareholders' Agreements (UK law)

Shareholders' Agreements are contracts under UK company law between a company and all its shareholders. Through such agreements, the shareholders determine how the company will be managed and how major decisions will be made. These agreements are particularly important when it comes to attracting external investors in order to ensure on the one hand that you will continue to have the freedom to run the company and on the other hand that the investor will receive appropriate benefits in return for their investment. As a result of our support, you will receive a well-designed contract tailored to your particular situation and including where necessary clauses such as drag-along, tag-along, pre-emption rights, consent actions and others.

Loan agreements with or without conversion into shares

Agreements with brokerage houses for the maintenance of a shareholder register


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