Are you planning to reorganise your company and looking for support of specialists experienced in this process? Are you managing an entity which no longer meets its function?

Do you want to wind up your company? Are you wondering what will be more beneficial - declaring bankruptcy or liquidating your company?

Take advantage of our help. We will quickly and efficiently dissolve your company, saving you time and protecting your assets. We will suggest the best solution for your specific situation to enable you to close your business without incurring unnecessary losses and debts.

Liquidation of

We know from experience that liquidation is usually more cost effective than declaring business bankruptcy. If this is also the case for you, we will plan and guide you through the process of liquidation proceedings.

We will lead to the closure of your company and cash your assets as quickly as possible. We will make sure that your company is removed from the list of the National Court Register. We will also ensure the greatest possible protection for the company's creditors. By monitoring the entire process of liquidation, we will protect you from its possible negative legal consequences.

Close your business
without incurring unnecessary

We provide you with advice and support throughout the liquidation process. When using our services you will avoid making wrong decisions which could have negative legal or financial consequences. Remember - your satisfaction and safety are our priority. As part of the liquidation service:

we will analyze the legal situation of the company

we will choose the most advantageous and safest procedure

we will prepare necessary resolutions and announcements

we will submit the appropriate forms to the National Court Register

we will make sure that your company is removed from the Register of Companies

we will support you in post liquidation duties


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